Street Outlaws Star Goes To Jail!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Star Goes To Jail!!! 

Once again we are joined by Sim from the popular YouTube channel Sim ABCXYZ who as always follows street racing as close as possible finding the best and most interesting news for us to enjoy.

He is very excited about the news that he has to share with us and we understand why.

He has been filming talking and writing about these guys for years and he has dug up all the little details about them for so long that it has made him one of the most informed guys on the subject of street racing, and is proud of it, rightfully so.

As it often is, there are quite a few things to talk about before he gets to the main topic and the unfortunate thing that he wants to talk about is Ryan Mitchell and his KC Maxx Performance Firebird.

If the name rings a bell but you cannot think of where was the last time that you heard it, well let us refresh your memory.

This is the guy that raced Shawn Murder Nova Ellington on their quest to settle old scores in Chicago and gave Shawn and the OG Murder Nova a real run for their money and nearly won the race.

So unfortunately the KC Maxx Performance Firebird has sustained some serious damage in a wreck that happened two weeks ago and according to Sim, this is by far the worst wreck that this car has been in ever, and to explain how important that is we have to remind you that this guy has owned this exact car since high school.

The most important thing as always is that Ryan Mitchel was not injured and with that, we are sure that he will find a way to get it fixed again.

In the meantime, check out Sim’s video and find out more about the trouble that one of the racers has gotten himself into. 

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