THE GREAT 8, Semis and Final Round Street Outlaws 2022 No Prep Kings – Petersburg, VA!!!

Check this, THE GREAT 8, Semis and Final Round Street Outlaws 2022 No Prep Kings – Petersburg, VA!!!

Allow us to take you to Virginia Motorsports Park with a video where once again the No Prep Kings caravan has landed to start racing and collecting points to determine the 2022 No Prep Kings Champion.

As we have told you there are some changes this time to the races and the Bounty on Ryan Martin along with The Great 8 are one of the biggest changes we will be seeing this year.

The first big change is literally pretty self-explanatory, as producers have installed a system that pays out additional cash to drivers that manage to take out last year’s Champion Ryan Martin and his Gray Camaro.

These guys pocket an extra few thousand bucks, depending on which race they manage to beat him in, and if by any chance they do not manage to get to the finish line faster than the Gray Camaro, Ryan gets to collect all the cash at the end of the race, along with the usual grand prize of the race.

The second big change for this season is the so-called Team Attack or the actual lack of it since instead of this competition, we now have The Great 8, which is basically the top 8 guys in points racing amongst themselves.

This time we have quite a few interesting races ahead of us as Ryan Martin, Kye Kelley, Daddy Dave, Kayla Morton, Jerry Bird, Lizzy Musi, Disco Dean, and Justin Swanstrom duke it out amongst themselves to grab the win that shows who is the best, amongst the best.

As all eyes are on Ryan Martin, there seems to be trouble brewing with his Gray Camaro which is smoking quite badly after each round, meaning that one of these rounds it may blow up the engine before it reaches the finish line, so check out the video, and see who will get the win.

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