Lizzy Musi Gets Disqualified Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

Check this, Lizzy Musi Gets Disqualified Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

We are once again following America’s List and this time we are at the top of the list as Lizzy Musi tries to defend her spot against a callout from Chuck Seitsinger, her dear friend and good buddy who she constantly ends up racing in this series year after year.

If you remember, last year these two ended up racing each other a bunch of times with various results however in a much worse position than this time.

Last year this duo landed down at the bottom of America’s List and had to keep racing for 17th or even worst spots, but this year the list has literally turned around for them.

This time they are racing to see who gets to sit at the top three spots which shows to the world that the only two guys faster than you in America are Bobby Ducote and Ryan Martin, now that’s a crowd that these guys would love to join, or stay in, depending on if you are asking Chuck or Lizzy.

Unfortunately, the title itself tells us how the race went, however, it does not tell us how great of a run it was for Lizzy.

While she did cross the center line and got disqualified, just like the rules say she should, the video will show you one of the most amazing saves we have seen on the street during this year’s races for America’s List.

Both cars had been turned up, there is no doubt about it because you have to remember these guys are fighting for the top three spots and you are not getting to the top by constantly turning the car down, so the result of the race was determined by too much power.

So check out this great race and see that amazing save by Lizzy that we told you about.

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