Doc Beats Murder Nova With Hard Work And Dedication!!!

Take a look at this, Doc Beats Murder Nova With Hard Work And Dedication!!!

Ask any successful racer and he will tell you the same thing.

Being on the top is never just about talent or any special given skills, the racer that gets the championship crown is the racer that does the work that he is supposed to do, and trains more than the rest of the field.

Racing is not a skill that just drops from the sky and is bestowed upon somebody, every successful racer has to keep training and working hard to get to the top.

This time we have a pretty similar situation as Doc faces Shawn Murder Nova Ellington for the seventh spot on the list.

You see, Doc has been doing an awful a lot of work on the car and since the last race he has managed to change the transmission, the converter, the rear gear, and even the tires, and that’s how working hard will get your vehicle much faster than the competition.

On the other hand, it is not like Shawn Ellington has not been working on the Murder Nova, no sir, he has also been putting in hours at the shop but there is a change that happened recently.

These are the times when Shawn Murder Nova Ellington had decided to split from Big Chief and he is apparently missing the advice that Big Chief used to give him and the tuning that he used to provide for him.

He even says it himself that there is no other racer that can walk down the road and come back a few minutes later with a tune that will go down the road better than the rest of them, which is a huge compliment to Big Chief and his tuning abilities.

So check out this great race and see that hard work pays off even when you are a street racer.

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