Street Outlaws America’s List 2 – READY, SET…. Jeff Lutz vs Chuck!!!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws America’s List 2 – READY, SET…. Jeff Lutz vs Chuck!!!!!

The last time Chuck Seitsinger made a pass was an actual bye run against JJ Da Boss who still does not have his car fixed and is still dropping down America’s List just like his wife.

If you missed it by any chance, these two were racing each other and JJ’s car Hummingbird decided to spray oil and fire in the entire cabin burning up JJ so bad he crashed into his wife’s car causing it to hit the crew cars which were parked to absorb the impact into the cement barriers.

Chuck used his bye run as all of them would put in a tune that has tons of power and see if the car will be able to take all the power and put it down to the road and turn it into acceleration instead of just smoke and noise.

Well, this time Chuck does not have an empty lane next to him and if he wants that fourth spot he needs to get to the flashlight at the finish line faster than Jeff Lutz who has been pretty fast and consistent in the past few races.

You would think that Chuck would be keen to jump in this situation, however, Jeff tries to stop this by talking to Chuck before the race and agreeing that they need to have a clean race to keep all things fair.

The only thing that these guys do not take into consideration is actually the flagger.

With Ryan Martin on top of America’s List, as well as being their teammate, these guys decide that he needs to flag the race and that is when things go upside down.

You see, it turns out that the fastest guy in America right now, is one of the slowest flaggers we have seen, and that means that somebody is letting go of that button before he sees the light turn on, so check out the video and see who jumps the light.

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