Doc Possibly Selling his Stunt Double Firebird in favor of his NPK Operation!

Take a look at this, Doc Possibly Selling his Stunt Double Firebird in favor of his NPK Operation!

In the realm of Street Outlaws, where high-octane adrenaline and fierce competition reign supreme, Doc, one of the legendary figures, finds himself at a crossroads. Recent buzz suggests that Doc is mulling over a significant decision – selling his beloved stunt double Firebird to support his no prep Kings (NPK) operation.

Doc’s car collection currently boasts three remarkable vehicles: the stunt double Firebird, the heavy metal Nova, and the eagerly anticipated no prep Kings Monte Carlo, still undergoing construction. However, maintaining and racing three cars of such caliber is an exorbitantly expensive endeavor, pushing Doc to explore alternative avenues for funding his NPK ambitions.

The stunt double Firebird has a storied history, having been unleashed on the small Tire America stage and even making appearances in NPK Season 4. Alas, its performance failed to match the ferocity required to compete at the NPK level. Doc contemplated equipping the car with a different combination or a powerful screw blown Hemi but decided against it.

Enter the heavy metal Nova, a street-optimized beast armed with a formidable 728 cubic inch Fulton motor. Built for speed and finely tuned by the skilled hands of Morgan Sons, this car roars with authority. Although it excels on the street and possesses immense potential, it falls short of the speed necessary to dominate in NPK events.

While Doc weighs the decision to bid farewell to the stunt double Firebird, many enthusiasts, myself included, hope to witness the car’s prowess unleashed on the street. Imagining Doc conquering America’s list or thrilling fans at the 405 show with this magnificent machine stirs excitement. The street racing scene would undoubtedly benefit from the Firebird’s presence.

In the event that Doc proceeds with the sale, an intriguing alternative arises: the heavy metal Nova could be outfitted with a screw blown Hemi and equipped with small tires. This transformation would present a formidable challenge but potentially unlock a new level of performance for Doc.

It is crucial to understand the financial burden associated with participating in the fiercely competitive NPK events. From the substantial costs of traveling between races to funding the entire race car operation, including spare transmissions and motors, the financial strain is immense. Doc, currently lacking sponsors, seeks to secure the necessary funds by parting ways with one of his cherished vehicles.

Beyond the immediate financial relief, the hope is that proceeds from the sale will contribute to the ongoing development of the eagerly anticipated no prep Kings Monte Carlo. This purpose-built ground-up construction represents a new era for Doc, a chance to manifest his dreams and push the boundaries of his NPK journey. Enthusiasts eagerly await its completion, eager to witness the Monte Carlo tearing up the NPK circuit.

Ultimately, the decision lies in Doc’s hands. He must carefully weigh his options, considering the financial realities of the NPK scene and his own aspirations. Whatever path he chooses, one thing remains certain: Street Outlaws fans will stand united, supporting Doc and eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his racing saga.

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