Doc Street Beast vs Junkyard Dog Grudge Race!!!

Check this, Doc Street Beast vs Junkyard Dog Grudge Race!!!

According to their names, one of them is a Beast that lives on the street while the other is a Dog which happens to come to us from the junkyard, wo who is going to get to the finish line faster this time, the beast or man’s best friend?

Well it is no easy to say because we all know that Doc has been inconsistent with the Street Beast but then again, once he gets it right it really deserves its name and can put down some amazing runs.

The Junkyard Dog on the other hand is no slouch at all and it also is capable of sending it and sending it well, so this should be a very interesting race and the fact that it is actually a Grudge Race always opens to doors for some mischief meaning that somebody might have been bated into placing a large bet, so let’s check it out.

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