Doc vs Murder Nova at No Prep Kings Florida PBIR!!!

Check this, Doc vs Murder Nova at No Prep Kings Florida PBIR!!!

After couple of months waiting, we finally find out about Doc’s Street Beast replacement and that is this beautiful Firebird with the same engine as Street Beast (maybe the same engine from street beast). We’ve seen it on the first race week of Street Outlaws No Prep Kings against Daddy Dave and seems that he doesn’t set up for that week. We don’t know if he even had a time for testing the Stunt Double.

In the left lane, we have the new Murder Nova, a car which have not been working as well as it should have this past year, a car which was the reason that Shawn brought out the OG Murder Nova and took it to the America’s List.

Honestly, after that NPK in Ohio we think that Doc will come out with right set up for his new Firebird. If he is close to his previous ride Street Beast, will be able to make troubles for all other No Prep Kings contenders.

From what we saw last NPK weekend, Murder Nova’s car is “liking” the new setup and it is getting down the track with some serious speed, however we all know better than to underestimate Doc, because we all know that this OG can always find something to surprise everybody including the guy in the next lane, so as always, check out the video and see which one of these guys gets to win, enjoy.

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