Murder Nova vs Kye Kelley One hell of a Drag Race for a spot on America’s List!!!

Take a look at this, Murder Nova vs Kye Kelley One hell of a Drag Race for a spot on America’s List!!!

During the first few races on the America’s List Kye Kelley had somewhat of a tactic not to wait for the light to come on.

This was understandable due to the fact that he was racing Axman, who kept showing everybody that his procharged car, somehow manages to put the power down better than the rest of the field.

This is why he was solidified on the first position and all Kye Kelley could do to get in front was jump at the starting line before Big Chief turn on the light.

Once he got to race with Big Chief however, it all turned against him because as Big Chief mentioned he did have something of his for him and it turned out that Chief was the one to jump and serve him a cup of his own medicine.

On this race however the talk was that nobody is going to jump and in all honestly nobody was sure that both of them will respect the so called gentleman’s agreement.

To everybody’s surprise, both drivers made sure to see the light before letting go of the button and this is why both of them left surprisingly late, nevertheless at the same time which is the most important thing for a fair race.

As you are about to see, Kye Kelley has the right lane, the lane that most of the drivers prefer because on this road, many have tried the left lane which would at times refuse to take the power that these guys are throwing at it.

If Shawn and the Murder Nova are victorious there is no doubt that Shawn will call out Big Chief for the number two spot, however in order to do that first he needs to get to the finish line faster than Kye, so check out the video and see if he will get that chance.

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