Police Pull Over Hells Angels – Watch What Happens Next!!!

Check this, Police Pull Over Hells Angels – Watch What Happens Next!!!

For a while now, these guys have been called everything but bikers and this is why we believe that some of them are getting a bad rep when apparently they don’t seem as bad.

Today we catch up with them as they drive thru a few small towns and as the tittle will tell you, get stopped a lot.

It is obvious that many of the folks living in a small town do not like bikers and this is why one of the officers in the video tells them that these guys managed to amass 16 citizen complaints just by riding thru one small town, which to be honest might seem that everybody that saw these guys decided to grab their phone and call the police to report these bikers.

On the other hand, in one of the stops it did turn out that these guys were going way past the speed limit so that one could not be blamed on anybody else by themselves, because no matter how much they enjoy their freedom on their bikes, the rules of the road are setup for a reason and the main reason for them is safety, even their own.

Amongst them these guys have a Oscar nominated celebrity which we are sure you know since you have seen him in movies like Point Break, Lethal Weapon and many, many more, however it appears that Gary Busey’s celebrity status is not something that the Police is interested in.

Matter a fact, one of the officers kinda focused on him for saying stuff that she did not like so before you know it, he was getting a different celebrity treatment, the one when they cuff him and put him in the back of the police car.

Check out this video and see what else these guys get in trouble for.

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