The Real Reason Behind Big Chiefs Radical New Wing!!!

Take a look at this, The Real Reason Behind Big Chiefs Radical New Wing!!!

Once again we have Sim with us to tell us all the news regarding the Street Racing world in his newest video.

As always Sim has a few topics that he wants to cover so why don’t we just dive into this.

The first thing that he wants to talk about is Jeff Lutz and his car, or lack thereof.

As we all know Jeff Lutz has crashed the famous 57 and has to replace it with something in order to be able to keep racing and keep filming.

At the beginning he insinuated that the famous 57 will be replaced with a vehicle of the same year so everybody expected the evil twin to rear its head from the trailer and start racing folks on the street.

However, it seems that this was not the deal and although the well-known GTO was being built for the track in order to be used in the No Prep Kings Championship, they have decided that this car can be used on the street.

We are not going into the rules and whether the GTO is compliant with them however we will say that we can’t wait to see how fast will that monster be on the street, and if it will be able to put down the power that it has.

Hopefully, the GTO will bring Jeff Lutz to a higher position on the list thus assuring him a spot on the America’s List where he can battle it out with the best of the best street racers from the entire country.

As for the main topic that Sim has on offer for us today, although we have tried to cover it as much as we can, we would still like to give Sim the opportunity to explain it to us, so check out the video and see what he’s been able to find out.

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