New Builds for No Prep Kings Season 4 Kye Kelley, Chuck S, Scott Taylor & More!

Check this, New Builds for No Prep Kings Season 4 Kye Kelley, Chuck S, Scott Taylor & More!!!

We are less than two weeks away from the start of the long awaited No Prep Kings Championship 4, and it is obvious that everybody is excited about this.

Well, some are more in a rush instead of excited and that is because many of the popular racers that compete in this Championship are busy finishing their new cars which they already started building in order to produce better results than last time around.

In case you forgot due to the fact that they skipped a whole year due to the Corona Virus, it was Ryan Martin who managed to get the most points in season 3 and finally managed to get on top of the podium after missing out in season two.

This time it seems that everybody is trying to build a better car for this new season and there are quite a few cars to get excited about.

The good thing to see is that once again there are many different kinds of builds, regarding the way these guys are chasing after power, and while we believe that the procharger cars will be ones to beat, it seems that many are still going for the twin turbo combo.

While the video will not tell you anything about some other cars, like Ryan Martin’s new ZL1 Camaro, the pictures showing the zoomies tell us all we need to know about it.

Since the zoomies are not something that you can find on a twin turbo car the answer is simple, the ZL1 Camaro driven by last season’s Champion Ryan Martin will be running a procharger, just like Daddy Dave.

So in order to find out who’s building what and what is the power-adder under the hood, check out the video and find out yourself, who knows maybe it will change your mind about who is going to be this season’s champion.

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