OG OKC Show New Season Filming, First Race Night & Possible Out of Town Races!

Check this, OG OKC Show New Season Filming, First Race Night & Possible Out of Town Races!

For many, the Street Outlaws Oklahoma show has been the one to watch, and while Big Chief pulled the best guys from the 405 list in order to get them into the America’s List, there have not been any definitive answers whether the Street Outlaws OKC will continue to be filmed in the concept that we have been used to seeing.

A few times over Big Chief did tell them that the list is gone, there is no list, so that opened up the possibility of the 405 racing guys from other parts of the state just they used to do in between list racing over the years.

The pictures that are featured in the video do show stuff like the Fireball Camaro with the new front which has a hole in the middle and updated headlights, meaning that these have been taken after the recent switch from twin turbo to procharger, suggesting that these are the newest photos of the car, on the street.

Everybody would like to see how fast that new combo is on the street, however if a guy like Ryan Martin has kept this new setup, it means that he has meticulously tested it and it has proven better than the old setup, since this guy leaves nothing to chance.

Starting to film the new season is always good news for the guys like us that enjoy watching the 405 race and whether it will be scripted to some other form of new list racing or these guys will go around and race other teams in the country it is not been confirmed yet, however we do know that we will be seeing a brand new season of the show, right before the No Prep Kings Championship starts so check out the video and find out all you can about it.

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