Kid drag Yamaha Blaster!!!

Check this, Kid drag Yamaha Blaster!!!

This vehicle started life in Japan, where it was built to perform on all types of terrain and conquer it.

It left the factory as a 195cc two-stroke single piston engine which like we said was going to power it off road, however over the years these guys have apparently done a few things to it.

The most impressive might be the wheelie bar to us, because this thing is now a Yamaha Dragster instead of a Blaster as the guys in Japan intended.

While the specs may not impress anybody with the 17 horsepower peak power, they are more than enough for this kid to enter the drag racing scene because as you already know, this kid is now hooked on drag racing.

There are tons of upgrade kits for this small engine and there are numerous ways to improve on the power, just like they made the improvements of the chassis, so there is no doubt that they will be improving on his current best 1/8th time of 8:68 @71mph.

While some might argue that speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour might not be suitable for shorts and a T-shirt, by the looks of the video his father is already on location and he should be the one teaching him about safety, if it was up to us, the kid should at least wear a helmet.

That would be a good habit for the future which will keep him safe over the years as he goes faster and faster, which he undoubtedly will.

So check out this video which is about to show you that this sport does have a future in the form of these youngsters and there will be more generations to come that love speed and the smell of gasoline, even when it is mixed with oil, like this one.

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