Birdman Fitting Bigger Tires Launching Harder!!

Check this, Birdman Fitting Bigger Tires Launching Harder!!

Bounty Hunters is the name of the event that we are taking you today to, and here we are about to see some amazing action with a few guys that we have not seen in a while.

Yes, we are talking about Birdman who has a brand new single turbo Camaro which he is trying to get to the top of the No Prep game with.

At the moment we catch up with him after they have done some work to the rear end in order to facilitate bigger tires which hopefully will get him more grip at the track as well as the streets.

From what we saw on the video, the whole deal worked great off the line because he made a short pull and that thing disappeared from the starting line like a ghost.

Before you start feeling sorry for the competition however, let us tell you that in the next race he is facing a Nitrous Assisted Cutlass owned by Terry Teague and that car is not a slouch at all.

As we all know, nitrous cars are extremely good of the line and they usually beat the turbo cars by the sixty foot mark, so Birdman has his work cut out for him on the starting line.

The turbo cars however, do tend to go around the nitrous cars on the big end that if you ask us is a recipe for a great race, a car that launches hard, against a car that picks up speed at the end.         

Additionally, we noticed the front end of Scott Tylor’s Track Doe sitting right next to Birdman’s car, now that would be some action that we would like to check out, in the meantime check out the race between Birdman and Terry Teague and how things go in this turbo vs nitrous battle.

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