Street Outlaws Dominator’s New Car is Here!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Dominator’s New Car is Here!!!

Sim is here with us once again in order to bring us the best news from the No Prep racing scene, and as always he loves talking about who is coming up with a new car or what are the modifications on the existing one.

Before we get to Dominator’s car we would like to talk about him for a moment, in order to recognize him stepping up in the list races lately.

As Big Chief said repeatedly in the show, Dominator really upped his game in the few initial races and gave trouble to cars that nobody would expect him to, getting them to hit the scramble button in order to inch out in front of him, something we did not see them do in the past few seasons.

Unfortunately, it was car trouble accompanied with the fact that he came to the races alone, with no team whatsoever that got him to end up with a very bad zero wins and four losses roster.

In the last race that he did, he had one of the toughest competitors of the 405, Daddy Dave and we all know that even if Dominator’s engine was not hurt, that would have been a very tough race, this had only made it worse.

He was hopping that he managed to remedy the situation and like he said himself, “put a band aid” on it in order for it to hold together for race night, however according to him as soon as he let go of the button it was obvious that the band aid is not helping and it probably flew off.

So as always check out Sim’s video where he not only talks about Dominator and his car, instead he talks about Daddy Dave’s new setup which you would want to see for yourself.


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