Crazy Mustang Crash Cut in Half At 828 Cash Days No Prep, Driver Walks Away!!!

Check this, Crazy Mustang Crash Cut in Half At 828 Cash Days No Prep, Driver Walks Away!!! 

North Carolina is where we are headed in today’s video in order to check out a terrible accident that ended up splitting the car in half.

The location is Wilkesboro Dragway and the event that everybody showed up to witness is the 828 Cash Days No Prep event.

If the truck in the other lane looks familiar it must be because that it no other than Billy The Kid in his twin turbo S10 which we have all seen in many different events as well as some street races which might or might not have been entirely legal.

The clean purple Mustang is being run by the TKM team and they are here as everybody else to win their class and go home with a big fat wallet in their pocket.

As we all know, Billy The Kid’s S10 has some serious pull and once those turbos spool up he will be driving out of your life if you did not come prepared. The Mustang driver thought he had stuff under control, and once he saw the S10 pulling away, he grabbed the scramble button in order to get more power out of the engine and catch Billy.

Things however don’t always go as planned and after a second of catching up to the S10 the Mustang snapped violently to the side launching the car straight into the wall.

At that speed, there was no time for corrections so the car went flying over the wall and it hit the base of the timing display at enormous speed, causing the car to be split in half.

Luckily for the driver, the car rolled in mid air and the impact was pass the B pillar of the vehicle on the passenger side, cutting the rest of the vehicle clean off.

The best thing about this, the driver was able to walk away from the crash.

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