Doc’s New Mystery Car for the SO 2021 season! Chevelle? Firebird? Staying Nitrous!

Check this, Doc’s New Mystery Car for the SO 2021 season! Chevelle? Firebird? Staying Nitrous!

By the tittle you already know that we are trying to solve a great mystery today, regarding Doc’s future car for the No Prep Kings, as well as the Street Outlaws OKC famous list.

We are not sure if this is the work of Doc’s public relation guy or he thought of it himself, whatever the case it seems that it is working great.

What they/he did was post a close up picture of the quarter panel and let his fans start guessing what the car is.

This is good from a few reasons, one of the reasons is the fact that people that think they recognized the vehicle will be sharing the picture all over the place and try to convince everybody that they got the right answer and in the process raise the publicity of his new ride.

And let’s be honest, this is a show and every publicity regarding the show is welcomed because it brings more viewers and more buzz about the show and it gives the fans something to talk about.

So far the common opinion of the fans surrounding this show and Doc seems to be that this is a Monte Carlo, and one of the reasons that ha fans believing that this is in fact a Monte Carlo is the fact that Doc has been vocal about being obsessed with these vehicles, however, we might be all wrong.

So after watching the video and seeing the quarter panel, you can tell us what you think Doc is actually trashing on, and is hastily getting ready for the new season of the No Prep Kings Championship, a Monte Carlo, a Firebird, maybe a Chevelle, whichever you think is the right answer.

To find out more about Doc and what else he is up to, as always play the video.

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