JJ Da Boss first pass with powerful OG Ole Heavy!!!

Check this, JJ Da Boss first pass with powerful OG Ole Heavy!!!

It has been quite a while since the last time we saw the old girl aptly named Ole Heavy and for a moment there we thought we lost it in the Fire that JJ suffered on the way back from an event.

It appears that somehow she is back and is also ready for another pass.

This legendary truck has been JJ’s pride and joy for many years and once we heard that he had lost it in the fire we were really disappointed.

Now however it seems that it is miraculously back, and we cannot honestly tell if JJ Da Boss is pulling some tricks on us or whatever is happening but we are sure glad to see the truck.

It seems like many are sharing our opinion and are also glad that this old girl is back on the track because the support that JJ Da Boss is getting on the internet is huge which proves once again that people like seeing these vehicles back in action.

What is even more interesting is the fact that these guys brought out the truck to a local track in Memphis and are actually giving the folks rides in the Ole Heavy.

Yep, fans get to experience Ole Heavy in all of her might as she flies off the line on the way to the checkered flag and feel the power and brutality that these cars can provide to regular folks that have not been in a drag racing car.

Some of them even get to discover the whole new world of starring at the sky while accelerating forwards while riding only on the rear wheels of Ole Heavy.

Yes, JJ Da Boss was nice enough to pull massive wheelie with a fan on board the car so check out the video and see for yourself.

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