Mixed Class Drag Racing at Tulsa Raceway Park!!!

Check this, Mixed Class Drag Racing at Tulsa Raceway Park!!!

Tulsa Oklahoma is where we are taking you with video today in order to check out these great machines as they do some amazing pulls.

In the lineup you will find some familiar faces like the Murder Nova who’s run is not as great as Shawn Ellington would like it to be, but on the starting line he’s got Daddy Dave looking out for him and giving him pointers about why it won’t hook.

From what we have gathered, it seems that the left lane is not that great when it comes to hooking because most of the cars that do lose traction happen to be on the left lane.

There are tons of ProMods here and these things are putting down some amazing times, yes the timing gear is working and we can see everybody’s time for the run which is great because videos don’t really tell the difference when it comes to a run on a track like this.

Being there in person is something totally different and somebody with experience can honestly tell how fast a run is, but without the depth perception, the timing system really helps.

The three seat dragster that appears on the video is something that we think everybody needs to try.

This would be the best way for “common folks” to experience the brutality of a timed run and realize how extremely brutal these things are once they go full throttle.

It ran a respectable 5.5 @126 mph however as you will see for yourself, it does seem to have a little bit more in it and we think that it can go into the fours if the driver really tried.

Whatever the case, we are sure that the two passengers enjoyed it and will be talking about it for quite a while, so check out the video and tell us which was your favorite race car?

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