The Truth Behind The Finale Of Street Outlaws Fastest In America !!!

Take a look at this, The Truth Behind The Finale Of Street Outlaws Fastest In America !!!

As expected, the keyboards are on fire all over the country ever since Team Nola lost to Team Memphis in the finale of the Street Outlaws Fastest in America.

Many times we have considered these remarks to be nothing more than just regular racing excuses, because we all know, and even racers admit, that they love making excuses anytime they lose a race, and especially if it’s an important race like the season finale.

By now however it seems that where there’s smoke, there’s fire and things keep pointing out that there was a fire of some sorts when we are talking about this finale.

All of us know that the street is a great equalizer when it comes to huge power, because that kind of power requires testing in order to have the car go down the road at speed, while being competitive to the car next to it.

What the guys from Team Nola are saying is that the street might have been more fair to others when it comes to the finale, because what they keep telling everybody is that unlike Team Nola who raced on the surface for the very first time, as agreed, Team Memphis had tested on the exact piece of road that they raced on, against the rules.

The rules spark up a different controversy themselves, because it appears that JJ Da Boss, has been changing them at will, in order to get as much advantage as he can, coming into the finals against a very strong street racing team like Nola.

Hustling is part of street racing, and the sleeper deal is kinda derived from it, because you don’t go around telling people how fast your car is, you “allow” them to assume its slow to get them to race you.

However, when it comes to changing rules, now that is something different than street hustling, so did JJ hustle Team Nova or did he go far beyond hustling in order to get the big W?

Check out Sim’s video and tell us what you think.

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