Big Changes To The New Murder Nova!!!

Take a look at this, Big Changes To The New Murder Nova!!!

These days we are all excited to find out what the new season of the Street Outlaws will bring us, and most of the time we are digging up information that we can dig up as to what these guys are doing to their rides.

Sim is with us once again to bring us the best news that he can gather up, like for example the fact that Ryan Martin has the famous Fireball Camaro torn down and is doing some work on it, supposedly in the engine department.

According to Sim he might be switching the Fireball to an engine with a procharger just like his brand new car, which by the way he (Ryan) did announce as a twin turbo car, however even before he raced it he changed his mind and swapped the twin snails for a procharger.  

Will the OG Fireball Camaro go the same way?

Well Sim thinks it will, we are not so sure though because the Fireball has won with the twin turbo setup and we are not sure if Martin will change the winning setup.

The other news that he wants us to hear is about the Shawn Ellington and the super famous OG Murder Nova, which apparently is also having some work done to it, and Sim thinks that they might be changing the setup on it.

Unfortunately, Sim is wrong on this one, and this is one of the rare situations that we can say this because usually he has all the newest info, but this time his information is just a few hours older than the newest info that we got, which is saying that Shawn is just getting a spare motor for the same setup, and will be painting the car as well.

Check out the video and see what else Sim has in store for you.

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