Big Chiefs New Car For No Prep Kings!!!

Take a look at Big Chiefs New Car For No Prep Kings!!! 

It is that time of the week, when we bring you Sim and the best news that he can get for us from the world of No Prep.

He starts the show with a few things which some viewers kept asking about his last show, which we brought to you, and it appears that those that did not read our article, are confused about which car Kye Kelley has sold.

We told you guys that Kye sold the Showstopper, which is his brand new car. For some reason the viewers kept thinking that he sold The Aftershock which is actually not his to sell since that is Lizzy Musi’s car and not his.

Now that we got this explanation out of the way, we can focus on stuff that are current instead of stuff that we remember from the last episode.

Of course the biggest news in the No Prep scene would be Big Chief building a brand new car, since we all know that the man has one of the biggest number of followers out of the entire scene of No Prep.

Now before you jump to the video expecting to see the brand new car that Big Chief has built, and get the information about the power adder and the entire setup of the car, let us tell you that this is not going to be the case, unfortunately.

This is as Sim likes to put it, an educated guess about what will Big Chief built and how, and the reason for this is the facts that he has been gathering tiny bits of information here and there, and hopes to put them into a big picture about Chief’s new car.

So check out the video and let Sim tell you all that he knows about Big Chief’s new ride.

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