Untold Truth Of ‘Street Outlaws’ Justin Shearer aka Big Chief!!!

Check this, the Untold Truth Of ‘Street Outlaws’ Justin Shearer aka Big Chief!!!

All of us refer to him as Big Chief, however his given name is Justin Shearer and today we get to hear his story from a different angle than the one we are used to.

First of all the video brings something in the equation that we are not used to hear about, and that is Big Chief’s father, who according to the video was also a racer.

Over the years we have gotten used to seeing Big Chief on TV so much that many of us did not even bother to find out how it got to that.

It appears that the producers are the ones to “blame” for the fame that Big Chief got over the years because it was them that decided to feature him in the initial Street Outlaws show, with the intention to cast a light to the illegal street racing community in the Oklahoma area.

Over the years, as the whole incredibly popular Discovery Channel Show Street Outlaws grew, it kinda make Big Chief grow with it and kept him on the top of his game, getting faster and faster, while being more popular than ever.

The way the show exploded was not something that anybody could predict, so within a season, these guys were topping the charts of the most watched show on the entire network, bringing instant success to all the racers that appeared in it.

These guys were doing something fun that they loved, and now all of a sudden, the whole world is interested in them and what they are doing on their piece of road.

That is textbook instant success and this can only mean that these guys are going to get faster and faster as their popularity grows.

So check out the video and see what we have been missing from the Big Chief picture.

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