Kye Kelley Sells His New No Prep Car!!!

Check this, Kye Kelley Sells His New No Prep Car!!!

We have Sim again to bring us the best news from the No Prep world, to make sure we are all up to date on the latest and greatest.

It seems that we and Sim were right talking up Scott Tylor just the other day since it seems that has proven us right by winning Winter Meltdown 5 behind the wheel of his Track Doe.

We kinda feel grateful to him for confirming what we knew about him and his speed on such a short notice by besting the whole lineup of the event.


The biggest news of the video of course is the fact that Kye Kelley has sold his brand new car, The Showstopper.

The reason for him selling the car, might be crazier than you think.

Yes, this is the guy that has bested all others, at some time or another, with his Nitrous ca.

The guy that owns and runs arguably the fastest Nitrous car out there, and is now going Screw Blower, according to a post from Lizzy Musi.

This truly is some incredible news and to be honest we can’t wait to see what Kye Kelley will build or purchase and what the whole setup will be.

For a minute there we were thinking that there was no better way to promote Pat Musi’s Nitrous racing engines then Kye Kelley himself behind the wheel of one, along with his daughter Lizzy Musi driving the other one, fighting for the No Prep Kings crown against the best.

However, it seems that these guys have something other in mind and are now leaving the field emptier for another great nitrous car.

To get the details on this news along the details for other news that Sim has in store for us, check out the video bellow.

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