JJ da Boss’ Trailer Catches Fire With Multiple Cars Inside!!!

Take a look at this, JJ da Boss’ Trailer Catches Fire With Multiple Cars Inside!!!

Sim is back and today it seems that he has a lot to talk about so let’s just dive straight into it.

One of the first things he talks about is Track Doe, a car that is owned by Scott Taylor, and a car that is very well known in the No Prep scene because it has managed to beat nearly all of the guys at some point during the las season of No Prep Kings Championship.

Another guy that gets Sim’s spotlight for a minute or two is Axman.

Sim goes on to praise Axmen and his passes and to be honest, if you have been following the No Prep scene, we are pretty sure you know already that Axmen was one of the toughest competitors out there and everybody has mad respect for him.

Both cars have been putting down their best performance on the track, and the transition from the track to the street is not a walk in the park, however it seems that both of these guys have done their homework, and by homework we do mean vigorous testing at different types of roads.

Sim is amazed by Axmen’s speed at virgin roads, and that to us just proves that Axmen is out there testing and putting down run after run on different locations in order to be ready for this, and that is how you get good results on the street.

The main topic however sounds so familiar after the fire accident that Reaper had, that we just could not believe it happened again.

According to Sim, it did.

Remember how a while back we told you that Reaper’s trailer caught fire?

Unfortunately, it seems it has happened again, and this time to JJ da Boss with catastrophic results, so we’ll let Sim tell you about that one.

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