EPIC Compilation of Wrecks, Fires, SKETCHY Races!!!

Take a look at this EPIC Compilation of Wrecks, Fires, SKETCHY Races!!!

There are many things that go thru your mind once a vehicle is out of control even when it is at the track like most of these cars are.

The most important one is probably “please don’t hit anything” because no matter the make or model, it is still a car that somebody spent hours upon hours on building it not to mention the money that he spent on it, and you don’t want to see it destroyed.

Unfortunately, not all the vehicles featured in this compilation will be lucky enough to stay in one piece, and many of them will get thorn up to some extent, and to the owners we would like to say; -We are truly sorry, we feel your pain.

However, this is drag racing and just like in any other form of racing, the vehicles will be pushed over the limits and some of them will not enjoy that part and they will bite back in their own way.

There will be plenty of driver errors, like the neon green GTR which crashed his pride and joy near the end of the track, in a race which was already lost at the halfway mark. If he would have been reasonable he could have coasted all the way to the finish line and save the car, since there was no way he could have made up the gap.

The most important thing that we always try to mention is the fact that all the drivers, (including the passengers at some of them) walked away from these terrible crashes which is a true testament of the importance of safety gear, and the proper use of it.

So check out the best compilation out there at the moment, and maybe, just maybe, there will be a few things that we can learn from their mistakes.

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