New Murder Nova Sounds Better Than Ever! The Smallblock Has Been Reborn!!

Take a look at this, New Murder Nova Sounds Better Than Ever! The Smallblock Has Been Reborn!!

We find ourselves in Shawn Ellington’s garage today where he is working on something rather special, the engine for the new Murder Nova.

You might think that the video is a bit too long but with Shawn’s commentary and his explanations about what he is doing the time really flies by.

Pretty soon the engine is inside the car and it is time to fire the New Murder Nova up, but unfortunately it does not go as planned and the engine is refusing to fire.

It is obvious that there are more things that it needs before it roars to life and once again we get to see Shawn solve the problems that he is facing.

Like many times the problem is something as small as O-rings which are apparently springing up fuel leaks all over the place and not helping the firing process at all.

In a few minutes the leaks are sealed and the New Murder Nova is ready to be fired up and pretty soon we get to hear the mighty roar of the engine which just brings a smile to your face.

Apparently it has been a while since he has started this car up and Shawn gets a bit emotional about it once the engine is running.

He even gets to spool it up and as soon as that thing starts building boost, stuff around the garage starts moving around and it gets loud pretty quick.

There is still a lot of work to be done as well as some rigorous testing before the New Murder Nova is ready to hit the streets or the track, but it looks like things are on their way and pretty soon we’ll be able to see it and hear it spin a tire in anger, until then, check out the great video that Shawn has for us.

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