Showtime Camaro at Okie Raceway!!!

Take a look at this, Showtime Camaro at Okie Raceway!!!

Let us take you on a ride to Muskogee, Oklahoma where on the virgin asphalt of Okie Raceway Park we will be seeing some amazing cars.

Today the battle is not just between the cars themselves, instead as many times before these guys have to battle the slippery surface and try to find grip where there just isn’t any.

Like at nearly any event there are some great cars that decided to show up and unleash the power like the N20 1970 Mustang, Brad Bevins and his Nova, however the spotlight just has to go towards the Showtime Camaro.

This thing has one of the largest blowers we have seen in competition, and as you already know, unlike turbo charged cars the supercharged car’s exhaust is not troubled by the lack of noise making this beast extremely loud.

There is just no explanation other than the sight of this comically big blower and we know that it is helping the engine swallow huge gulps of air in order to provide tons of power, however at this track we get the feeling that it might be an overkill and something much smaller would have been sufficient.

Not sure if it’s the suspension setup gone wrong or none of the guys accounted for the slick surface of Okie Raceway but it seems that none of the cars can put the power down during their runs.

As you are about to witness, there are cars spinning their tires all the way to the finish line, turning those huge output engines into nothing more than big expensive smoke machines instead of the accelerating monsters that they were meant to be.

Once again this proves how much these guys have to deal with when going to an event so check out their effort in the video bellow and see their troubles for yourself.

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