Father Gives Big Block Pro Street Chevy Vega to His Son for the First Time!!!

Take a look at this, Father Gives Big Block Pro Street Chevy Vega to His Son for the First Time!!!

We all know the saying like father like son, and not to bash on other hobbies but this saying we believe is proving to be more accurate when it comes to the world of automobiles.

It might be the time spent working on the cars it might be that all kids love loud and powerful machines but we think that most of the people that have been working on cars throughout their life end up with kids that are interested in the same thing.

Proof that this is not just for sons is everywhere and one of the more famous ones must be Pat Musi and his daughter Lizzy Musi, and there is no doubt that Lizzy loves cars and car racing, and we are about to go on a limb here, and say that she did not get that from her mom.

We have a pretty similar situation here, with the son being behind the wheel of this Pro Street Big Block Chevy Vega for the first time, and you can sense the excitement in the air even on a video.

This particular Vega has been in the family for an incredibly long time, 42 years’ have passed since the father has purchased this vehicle and apparently he has done tons of work to it, most likely with the son helping and earning much more than just a spin around the block in it.

It started life as a four banger and apparently somewhere along the way it turned into this real powerful monster of a car.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you more about the parts used or the performance figures so we have to invite you to watch the video and enjoy this inaugural ride by the owner’s son, oh and don’t forget to turn the speakers up because this thing sounds amazing.

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