Why Big Chief was Not at Outlaw Armageddon!?

Check this, Why Big Chief was Not at Outlaw Armageddon!?

Sim is back once again and today he touches a few topics that are interesting for all of us.

The first one that he starts with is why they don’t let just anyone race in the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings, and the answer is actually pretty simple, not everybody can hack it.

If you remember last year, in the middle of the season we got a guy that raced his way in.

He got in line, filled out the form and then had to race his way in just like the rest of the guys that think that are fast enough to get into the championship.

You are probably guessing that we are talking about Big Chief who after all the bad things that he said about The No Prep Kings Championship, decided to swallow his pride and join the fun.

He did what everybody has to do to get into the race, and it was inevitable for him to do this because he could not miss out on all that exposure that his championship was providing.

In addition to this, he also needed to help his buddies from the 405 and although Ryan Martin is one of his biggest rivals in the 405, he put aside all of that and jumped on team 405 making sure that the crown from this season goes to his team.

 In the end they managed to get the job done, and as you remember Ryan Martin grabbed the tittle and won the championship, thanks to the rest of the guys from the 405.

The main topic that Sim talks about is also about Big Chief and the reason why the guy whose car was actually featured on the poster for the Outlaw Armageddon, did not show up for the race.

Well we thought we let Sim tell you all about that one so play the video and find out.

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