INSANE Power Wheelie, He SENT IT for $10,000!!!

Take a look at this INSANE Power Wheelie, He SENT IT for $10,000!!!

We all know him as Billy The Kid and he has been featured in many of our stories and just as many videos, but today we bring you one of his best performances on the street (he has plenty believe us) that we have seen him make.

Him and his Twin Turbo S10 have had their share of disappointments and one of the biggest ones was when he lost in the finals of this race a few years back.

We even remember when he drove all the way to Mexico where they were going to do some street racing, and literally on the first ever pass down there, the engine gave out and he had to tow his truck back home after not racing at all, now that was heartbreaking to watch let alone live thru.

It seems however that the tables have turned and here he is at Magnolia for another go at the 10 grand prize which we all know will probably go into his truck, the truck giveth the truck taketh away, right.

One of the most spectacular races we have seen him do, was the third round where he met Boston George, another very fast guy, however at the start Billy pulled a humongous wheelie and the crowd went crazy.

There was just no catching him after this great start, and the fun part is that after the race when he is asked if he lifted to make sure the truck settled down, he told the guys that not only did he not lift, instead he even went for high gear while in the air.

This proves once again that he is no kid no more, this is a hardcore racer that is focused on winning and winning alone.

So check out the video and see how did this year go for Billy and if he manages to win the finals this year and go home $10,000 richer.

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