Two Hard Crashes at No Prep Armageddon 6!!

Take a look at this, Two Hard Crashes at No Prep Armageddon 6!!

Once again we are at the Armageddon 6 event where there has been a strange development regarding the Twisted Sister Convertible Mustang which unfortunately was one of the cars that ended up in the wall that day.

According to the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel, the issue with the car was a sticky throttle and we all know how bad can that get.

It appears that at the right times when the car started getting sideways, the throttle got stuck, and getting a car with the pedal to the floor back in a straight line seemed to be too much and in the next few seconds the car was into the wall not once, but twice.

The other crash that you are about to see is actually a small Toyota which was actually winning the race before it started pulling to the right all of a sudden, and then the worst thing happened, it ended up in the wall, check it out.

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