How much Does it Cost to Own a Street Outlaws No Prep Car!?

Did you know, How much Does it Cost to Own a Street Outlaws No Prep Car!?!?

Nearly anyone who’s ever invested in upgrades for car more than just a set of brand new rims, will be able to comprehend what we are about to discuss.

If you start doing some upgrades on your car the first thing you will notice is how often you will end up reaching for that wallet.

You would think that if you start upgrading your car the first thing you will end up using are some tools, but in reality the wallet will be the tool that you end up using more than any other.

To be fair many of us use online services and much of the parts will be ordered online with just a few clicks instead of actually reaching for the wallet, but you get the point.

Now that we got you warmed up let’s pick it up and bring it up a notch or two.

If stuff is so expensive for regular street going every day driver, kind of cars, what would the cost be to do this at a much higher level.

Yes, we are talking about an actual Street Outlaw No Prep car.

So let’s start big.

First the engine. The car in question today is Justin Swanstrom’s car AKA Aftermath, and it relies on the power from a Pat Musi built 959 ci engine costing about 120 do 135 thousand dollars’ brand new.

There are many race engine builders out there but we all know that Pat Muse is one of the best ones.

If we think about it, him and his engines were the ones that gave Ryan Martin a run for his money in last year’s No Prep Kings Championship, with Kye Kelley behind the wheel, so if you want good reliable power, Justin says, you have to go with a Musi motor and say goodbye to at least 120 grand.

Next stop for all that power is actually the converter and the transmission.

As you probably know by now, these guys use a three speed transmissions, simply because there is no need for any more gears, and a brand new one will set you back about 16 grand.

However, before the power gets to the transmission, you have to put it thru a convertor, which actually costs as much as half of the transmission so about 8 grand or $8 500, depending on where you get it from.

It almost seems cheap once you compare it to the engine since this thing moves all that power all the way to the back of the car.

Believe it or not, the next big thing that he talks about are the electronics.

All the boxes full of electronics, including the shifters for the gearbox and the battery (he actually owns three of them) will put a massive dent on your bank account with a total of about 15 grand.

So if you have been adding up, we have made it up to 160 grand and we are far from a complete car, so check out the video and see how much does it all total in the end and hold on to your wallets.

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3 thoughts on “How much Does it Cost to Own a Street Outlaws No Prep Car!?

  1. I am lost. So where do these dozen blue collar guys get $160k to plop down on a car and the thousands more needed each week to just keep racing? The cars got to cost more than some of the MHs they live in with their families.

  2. They own businesses and are millionaires to start with. Some have sponsors but most are out of pocket race teams. Big boys toys, you will have a couple million in it bye the time you get a toter, trailer. And run the schedule.

    1. Exactly. They love drag racing. They are not making a living from it other than whatever the TV series kicks to them to race.

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