The Fastest Girl on the Water with 600HP Supercharged Jetski on 40PSI Pulls 1.7 G-Force!!!

Take a look at this, The Fastest Girl on the Water with 600HP Supercharged Jetski on 40PSI Pulls 1.7 G-Force!!!

Her name is Angelica Gonzales AKA “The Golden Girl” and you can find and follow her success on social media by searching @fzrangelica.

Oh, and by the way, she is the fastest girl that you’ve never heard of.

Whereas most of the other teenage girls spend most of their time staring at their phone while influencers tell them what to wear and how, she is on a jet ski struggling to tame nearly 600 horsepower on water, and keep the lot of them in a straight line.

This means that she is a fearless 19-year-old who’s been doing this since she was 13 and she is proud to tell you that she is the fastest girl on water.

She races in the pro-stock and the super-stock class, and they are both part of  a competition called Hydrodrag, which is basically a 1/8th mile drag race on water.

Angelica’s tuner loves comparing this to No Prep Racing, for many reasons.

He goes on to explain that their surface is the actual worst No Prep surface, because the winds can change with each run.

This makes the surface wavy and much harder to put the power down, and also, in regular track drag racing, the track gets better with each pass since there is more rubber on the pavement, while their track gets worse and worse since wind as well as other vessels can disrupt the surface and cause more waves.

As you would expect, these jet skis are much more powerful than the ones you rented on your last vacation, or the ones you own, since these things basically have a car engine.

They derive their power from a supercharged engine which is made by Mitsubishi and it’s a dual overhead cam engine which has some real racing internals.

The reason we know that this 1.8 liter sixteen valve engine has racing internals, is the fact that this thing provides its power at 10 300 revolutions per minute, now that is spinning a bit faster than your regular Mitsubishi car engine.

Granted they spin at these speeds just for a few seconds, you still need some extraordinary engineering to make sure that this thing does not fly apart.

The super-stock class that she also runs is basically an unlimited class, since you can do anything you wish to the power plant as long as you don’t add nitrous or a turbo charger on top of the supercharger. This to us sounds a lot like the single power adder rule, that we are very familiar with.

Another rule that we found interesting is the starting procedure.

You see, since these things have a direct drive to their propeller and no neutral gear, they have to be lifted up from the water a bit, but not too much so they won’t be able to suck in water for obvious reasons.

So at the start, they basically get dropped in the water, and given a green light

However, if you do red lit, you get a race re-run and a second chance, instead of losing the race.

Now that we covered the basics of the sport, we invite you to check out the video, and see these brutal machines in action, as well as hear Angelica’s tuner tell you how cavitation can make these things “lose traction” just like a regular drag car, check it out.

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