This Fully Built Caged ‘67 El Camino Might Just Be The Cleanest on the street!!!

Take a look at This Fully Built Caged ‘67 El Camino, it Might Just Be The Cleanest on the street!!!

Many real car lovers take pride in the fact that their vehicle was built, not bought, and they tend to show this off by putting stickers on the back part of the vehicle, declaring that all that power that provided this acceleration was not simply purchased from a dealership.

In today’s video you will meet Chris, who is kinda like those people except for the sticker part, and that is actually great if you ask us, because we love a good story when somebody spends tons of his free time inside his garage and the end result is something as clean as this 1967 El Camino.

What’s actually cooler than this El Camino, must be the story behind it.

Chris has owned this car for 22 years now, and on top of that, this was actually the first car that he purchased back in the day when he first got his driver’s license.

Understandably, back then the car was pretty much standard and it did not look anything close to what it is now, however let us not forget that this was back when he was a 16-year-old-boy, who for some reason (known to many of us) wanted more power under the hood.

Many won’t understand this urge, and the first thing that they will say to our complaints that our vehicle needs more power is, well go buy a more powerful vehicle.

We all know that that is not as simple as is sounds, and when we say we need more power, we mean we need more power in this particular vehicle.

We need this car to go faster, we don’t need a brand new faster car, we need this one to perform better and in order to do so, we open up our tool box and our wallet at the same time.

Well you know where this is headed right.

Pretty soon Chris was out there pulling out the stock engine and replacing it with something a bit bigger that gives him more power.

That meant that he needed to mate that engine with a transmission that can handle that power without spewing its guts out at the track, because now with all that power there was one special piece of pavement that was beckoning him, the dragstrip.

After he “tasted” the dragstrip life, it was obvious that a roll cage is missing from this picture, in order to keep him safe and sound, so that meant once again he will be inside the garage working on his El Camino with his friend.

As you are probably guessing, this was not the end of the story, and this is not when the El Camino got its final looks and power, no sir.

That was simply one of the few things that got changed on this vehicle back in the day, and apparently he has been upgrading this vehicle ever since then.

So check out the video, and see what else did Chris install in this amazingly clean El Camino before it got to the final (or let’s be honest, current) iteration of its life.


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