THE TRUTH Behind Richard Rawlings Buying Street Outlaws!!!

This is THE TRUTH Behind Richard Rawlings Buying Street Outlaws!!!

For most of us he was the guy that made Fast N’ Loud possible and also the owner of the famous Monkey Garage.

And since he was this very famous entrepreneur apparently somebody, (insert Reaper here) decided that it would be great to start a rumor that Richard Rawlings managed to purchase Street Outlaws.

There are many things wrong with this rumor and the first thing amongst them is the fact that the actual rights to Street Outlaws are in possession of The Discovery channel.

This might not say much for those that are not familiar with the network, however the fact is that as long as they keep getting good ratings as they are (at least until the Covid-19 struck), nobody is going anywhere.

We all know and like Richard Rawlings, well at least most of us, and we all love seeing him involved in other projects like the mega popular Monkey Garage, however, even for an entrepreneur like him, we think that this is too much to handle.

By this we mean not only he would have to really come up with a huge check in order to purchase the franchise, but he would also have to make miracles happen in order to have a ton of racers with an enormous fan base like nearly everybody from the 405, dance to his tune.

We all know that the whole show has producers that are telling guys what to do and when, but let’s be honest here, could you imagine Big Chief saying “Yes Boss” to Richard Rawlings?

Exactly, us neither.

This goes for most of the other guys on the show and this is one of the reasons that we are pretty sure that Sim is here to crush this rumor so let’s give Sim a chance to tell us what he really thinks on the matter, in the video bellow.

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