Wild Daily Driver Dodge Coronet HEMI Gasser Superblower, Worlds Only Dual Vertex Magnetos!!

Take a look at this Wild Daily Driver Dodge Coronet HEMI Gasser Superblower, Worlds Only Dual Vertex Magnetos!!

For most of us (especially the timing gear) gassers are a thing of the past.

Somewhat of a relic if you will, of a time long past when these machines were the vehicle to beat at the racetrack, and very often at the street light if we are being quite honest.

While those days are gone, this does not mean that these cars have gone with them, because let’s face it, these machines are still very much alive and not just in the hearts of former racers that used them, no sir.

These things are still firing on all cylinders and producing massive power, in the pursuit of a better quarter mile time.

This is the reason that today we bring you a real monster of its class, a HEMI powered Coronet with 624 engine manufactured by Keith Black, which has some real goodies strapped to it.

For example the Magnesium Super Blower, is being fed, by not two, not four, but eight two barrel carburetors, something that demands respect once you realize that this is a daily driver.

This street legal machine still sees action nearly every day, and the owner could not be more proud when he talks about its ability to still hit the 10 second mark at the quarter mile, granted after he puts some new rubber on it.

There is no doubt that the 8 deuces still get people mesmerized upon seeing them, and the owner does not mind the attention one bit, even on the open road or on the regular grocery run that he still does in this car.

Sixteen spark plugs is not something that you hear every day, but this gasser is still making them spark, meaning that they get ignited

by two Vertex Magnetos which according to him, is the only setup of its kind.

So, play the video, meet the owner, check out this true engineering masterpiece, and hear it roar at the track.

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