Street Outlaws Death Trap Chuck Close Call!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Death Trap Chuck Close Call!!

Once again we are headed to Noble Oklahoma, where at the famous Thunder Valley, the world series of No Prep was held.

As we told you a few days back, the whole 405 crew was there and they were on their toes making sure that they perform well at their local playground.

We also told you that amongst them, we were missing a familiar face, which was the guy that actually was featured on the poster, Big Chief and according to the rumors the reason he missed the entire show was the fact that they put his car on the poster without talking to him.

At the moment we have no solid confirmation from Big Chief if this was the reason, and if you have some solid info about this, we would love to hear it in the comment section.

Today however we are here for Chuck Seitsinger and his death trap, which did perform very well at the event.

When we mean very well, we do want to point out the first race in the video is the one to look out for.

It all goes extremely well as Chuck pulls his front left wheel off the ground and puts a few cars on the opposition in the first half of the track.

Trouble however starts near the end of the track when the Death Trap suddenly pulls hard to the right giving Chuck an unwanted close look at the wall.

The next split second is nothing short of a text book save, as he snaps the car back in line so precisely and yet so violently, that we had to watch the footage a few times to make sure it did not hit the wall.

We all know that Chuck can drive, but this maneuver had us, as well as the entire starting line crew on both lanes applauding and shaking our heads, well done Chuck, well done.

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