Old vs New Street Outlaws!!!

Take a look at this, Old vs New Street Outlaws!!!

Once again we have Sim with a great topic about the show and why don’t we dive straight in it.

His question is, which era of the show was the most interesting to watch.

Now in our opinion this is a very complex question because in the beginning, the whole deal was about a bunch of guys that had a great hobby of working on their street cars in order to make them faster, in order to see how much they have done (or how successful they are) they raced each other on the street.

This was a much simpler time, where the guys tried to outdo each other with a better piece of equipment, or at times using the same piece of kit, with a different setup.

The cars were much, much slower than today and the racers were much closer to a regular Joe with a garage, a bunch of tools, a few bucks to spare, and the love for speed.

On the other hand, we can see how the whole deal has evolved and how these guys have become experts in their field with the help of their fame and a few sponsors.

Additionally, along with the “few bucks” that they earned because of the show, they managed to get the cars faster and faster, all the way to the point of slowing them down.

If this sounds crazy, let us remind you that we are of course talking about the fact that they pulled their promods off the street, which in a way is kinda going backwards in order to go forward.

Maybe the promods were taken of the list in order to even the field, who knows, this happened in the time when the producers had more say than the racers, so we might never know.

Either way, check out Sim’s video and see what else he has to say on the subject.

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