An Exclusive View of What Goes On Behind the Scenes at Street Outlaws!!!

Take a look at this, An Exclusive View of What Goes On Behind the Scenes at Street Outlaws!!!

Let us take you behind the scenes of one of the most popular racing show on the planet, where you get to see all the familiar faces like Axmen, Jake Blain, Scott Tylor, Bobby Ducote, Boosted GT, Birdman and many more.

This time we don’t get to see them surrounded by flood lights, cameras and producers, instead we get to see behind the scenes while they take to the streets and by streets we don’t mean a patch of road which has been cordoned off by police.

No, we are talking about the dead of the night nobody around real street testing and dialing stuff in, because that is necessary for them to get their cars ready for what is about to happen on the show that we all love and watch.

You will get to see something different, like Birdman driving Boosted GT’s car and might we say driving the wheels of that thing.

Could this mean that we might be seeing Birdman in that car for next season, since we all know that Birdman has crashed his ride beyond repair and he might be looking for a car to buy or who knows maybe even rent for the season.

Apparently all of them need to test out their rides before the season, but some of them are doing this at the craziest places, like an empty gas station parking lot which provides them with enough room to launch their ride and get some data.

We never said that these are the safest circumstances that they can find but apparently it works for them, so who are we to tell them not to do it, we are here to check out who’s doing the best pulls and get some info on how much faster they are from last year, so turn up the speakers and enjoy.


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