1000-2500hp Street Cars vs. 1300mi road trip!!!

Take a look at this, 1000-2500hp Street Cars vs. 1300mi road trip!!!

We have a great video today, thanks to the guys from the 1320video YouTube Channel, and by the way this is a longer video that is so action packed that we did not realize how long it is before checking the time.

In other words, this video is so packed with fast cars, that it literally makes time flyby faster.

If you don’t know the concept of RaceWeek (which we highly doubt) let us lay it out for you.

They start today at Tulsa Raceway Park (the day this video was filmed) and over the next few days they will get to race in Topeka Kansas on Race Day number, then they are off to Thunder Valley on day three, Grand Band Kansas is next, and on the fifth day, the caravan comes back here for the last day of racing.

In order to win such an event and grab the $15 grand, you need to post times on all tracks and then have the best average time for the event on all of them.

Now that we got this covered let’s get back to it.

One of the reasons we love these events is the extreme diversity that we get to see here.

From an 11-year-old crew chief who takes care of his dad, to guys like Reaper who are here to grab the win in their class with what looks like his daily driver.

You would think that these guys baby their machines and don’t put the pedal down on the first day in order to make sure their cars last thru the entire event, but let us remind you that these guys are not famous for being slow.

There will be blown engines, there will be people fixing them over night but the best thing is that we all get to see the action so check it out.

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