Diesel Swapped Chevelle, 1800hp Supra & MORE!!!

Check this, Diesel Swapped Chevelle, 1800hp Supra & MORE!!!

There are many ways to describe “Race Week”, and I believe that “A guys standing in the engine bay” is one of the rare ones that have not been taken at this time.

One of the most grueling ordeals that any race car has to pass, is the drive to get to the racing event or the race track and this is not something to be taken lightly.

Once again we are joining the crews that joined this extreme competition which requires much more than just a car that can post the fastest time at the scoreboard.

If you have never worked, or owned a race car you would be surprised to find out that these vehicles are not the best road trip vehicles out there and there are many reasons for this.

First of all, none of the racing parts that are installed in a performance car are not meant to be used for hours upon hours of highway driving.

In all honesty, many of the parts that have been used in these vehicles might not even be road legal or DOT (Department Of Transportation) approved, and for a good reason.

This means that many of the cars that are shooting for the incredible distance that is needed to overcome before the races start, might fall short in the endurance department, due to the fact that their focus is set on speed, instead of longevity.

The video that you are about to see will prove this to a certain level while at the same time proving that the guys that enter this type of competition are a very capable bunch, when it comes to adapting and overcoming a problem.

So check out what the best of them have struggled to overcome in order to get to the next race day where they will be able to shine.

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