Street Outlaws OKC – Big Chief Crew member passed Away & Sneak Peak at New Season List Races!!

Check this, Street Outlaws OKC – Big Chief Crew member passed Away & Sneak Peak at New Season List Races!!

Unfortunately, in today’s video we have some very bad news.

There is no easy way to say this so we will just have to do it.

“Kentucky” Christopher Scott Ellis, passed away recently.

Some knew him as Kentucky Chris or just Kentucky and he initially was a member of the Murder Nova crew but has recently joined Big Chief’s team.

At the time of his death, he was 39 and according to the official reports that are coming out, there was no foul play involved.

Instead, the death is being described as a drug overdose, since there was some drug paraphernalia, like a spoon and a needle next to the body when it was discovered.

He made sporadic appearances on the show between 2013 and 2018 and has been rumored to have addiction problems.

There is no doubt that the team has lost a good friend and a skilled mechanic, may he rest in peace.

The rest of the video describes what is to come in the next season and by the looks of things, there will be some very interesting duels that we will be looking out for.

For example, we get to see a great photo of a race between Doc and Big Chief, and on the photo it is obvious that Doc (believe it or not) has left Big Chief behind.

However, upon closer inspection we can see that Doc’s front wheels are completely off the ground which means that he cannot steer the car, which at the moment of the photograph is veering left off the track.

That is truly a photo that peaks our imagination and we can’t wait to see what happened, if Doc managed to get the car in line and was able to beat Big Chief.

 Check out the video and find out what is else to come, in the next season of Street Outlaws OKC.

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