JJ da Boss arm drops Camaro Fireball!!!

Take a look at this, JJ da Boss arm drops Camaro Fireball!!!

In all honesty, we did not even realize that the tittle might suggest that Ryan Martin and his Fireball Camaro are on the video and people are expecting them to show up.

So first let’s get that out of the way.

No, Ryan Martin and his mega-popular Fireball Camaro are not in this video.

Instead, the explanation is there because there is a Camaro that crashes into the wall and thus creating a real fireball with a Camaro in the middle of it.

Do not worry, the driver is fine and as you are about to see on the video they will get him out on time and he is fine, apart from some inevitable some inhalation.

From what we gather, the driver’s name is Al Boogie Robinson and his car is called Honcho (feel free to correct us on this in the comment section).

Al got himself in trouble very early at the race as the car snapped left so violently that he had no chance of catching it and get it pointed at the finish line, so he ended up hitting the wall right where the fuel cell is located which caused the fuel to leak out on the track and catch fire.

The starter, which you will all recognize to be JJ Da Boss did not waste a second.

He ran thru that fire in order to get the driver out and that is what any racer will do for his fellow racer, no matter how much they battle each other on the track, once in danger they run up and do whatever they can to save one another, so good job JJ.

So check out how not to become “the real Fireball Camaro” in this video and also see some real comradery at the track, by the guys that are usually at each other’s throat.

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