Epic Unrestored Matching Number 1970 SS454 Found Hiding In A Secret Car Collection!!!

Take a look at this, Epic Unrestored Matching Number 1970 SS454 Found Hiding In A Secret Car Collection!!!

Most of the time when we stumble upon Patrick Nichols, he brings us a car that has been hiding in some field or in some garage and he finally gets the owners to agree with him to let him film it in order to bring it to us, so we can all enjoy.

Today’s video appears to be totally different.

The car that you are about to see has a brand new owner and it is not hidden away in a barn.

This is a car that Patrick actually purchased and if you have been following this expert, then you know that this car is something special if he spent his own money on it.

For guys like him, matching engine and chassis number is the start place when they go look for cars to verify, but if the car has the actual build sheet present like this one, well there is no doubt that it will get all of his attention.

This does not mean that the car is in a terrible state, apart from the documents, no sir.

This car has very little rust on it, and the interior does need some work.

The car has been hidden away for about 15 years and these things help when it comes to raising value, but let’s be honest, we are talking about Patrick Nichols, who is the guru of such cars and him making a purchase is one of the best compliments this car can get.

You would think, that this being his car he would not be objective about it and miss a few things once he starts to uncover what is what under the hood, but this guy’s integrity is not for sale and although he might be selling this car in the future, he still points out the correct and incorrect stuff that the car has.

So check out his walk around video and see what he has purchased.

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