Nitrous Mustang Crashes Hitting the Curb in Street Race!!

Take a look at this, Nitrous Mustang Crashes Hitting the Curb in Street Race!!

Just like every other video from the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube Channel we are taking you racing, and today’s race is being held at Hawthorne, Oklahoma.

We would like to point out that this is not an illegal race and that these guys will be racing on a closed piece of road that the city has shut down in order for these guys to have fun, now that’s what we’d like to hear.

The tittle does however tell you that something is about to go very wrong but we wanted to tell you that all the racers had the professionals from the EMT as well as the fire department on site in order to make sure everybody is safe.

This red Fox Body Mustang was powered by nitrous and there was much expected of it after the first round even though it was actually a by run for him.

In the second round the Fox body Mustang was facing a truly gorgeous N20 Copper Nova and we were ready for a great race.

In fact, it was exactly what we got as both cars crossed the finishing line almost at the same time, and just as we thought we are going to sit back and wait for the guys at the end to announce the result, disaster struck.

For whatever reason, as soon as he hit the brakes the Mustang jerked violently to the left, shooting across his opponent’s lane and slammed straight into the curb.

A second later the car was on the curb and riding it while sparks were flying all over the place, something nobody wants to see.

Luckily for the driver as well as the team, the impact was not that immense and the driver was totally fine, with the extent of the damage to the car being minimal for such a high speed crash.

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