Fast Imports vs Domestic in Street Races!!!

Take a look at this, Fast Imports vs Domestic in Street Races!!!

By now you probably know that we love cars in all sorts of form and function. However, when it comes to battles like these you know that we are on the side of domestic, huge displacement raw power kind of cars.

This does not mean that we are ignorant to the import cars and that we are underestimating them each chance we get, no sir we do have respect for them because we have all seen some very, very fast imports over the years.

Today’s video is comprised of just the afore mentioned types of vehicles.

On one side of the lane we have the purebred American made muscle cars, of course with a “few” modifications, and in the lane next to them the guys at the event held in Hartshorne, Oklahoma placed a car that was born in Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

In the first race we have The Killa Gorilla, twin turbo Mustang which will be defending the honor of the domestic muscle cars, against a Nissan 280 SX which is force fed huge gulps of air thru a massive turbo charger made by Prospeed.

You would think that this should be an easy win for the Mustang because of the extra “snail”, but bear in mind that the Nissan weighs next to nothing compared to the American hot rod.

The other match-ups are also quite interesting since the popular Godzilla or as some call it the Nissan GTR, is actually a daily driver car, and it is facing a really tough competitor, a Dodge Challenger.

Now the last import is kinda our own, since under the hood of that Hiroshima-born Mazda, beats a real American heart.

This is an LS swapped Mazda so it’s neither an import nor truly domestic, but it promises a good race, so let’s sit back, check out the video, and see how they all performed.

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