Street Outlaws Top 20 NATIONWIDE LIST !!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Top 20 NATIONWIDE LIST !!!

It is that time of the week, the time when we bring you the newest episode from Sim’s Street Race Talk, and as always he has some great topics that he talks about and as always he hits the mark with every one of them.

Unlike any other episodes when Sim talks about a few things before he jumps into the main topic today he’s excitement is overwhelming him and he just jumps into the main topic without any hesitation and for good reason.

So what is the big news that got Sim so excited?

It appears that following the example of the 405 list, the producers of the mega popular Discovery show Street Outlaws are producing a brand new list, a top 20 nation-wide list which will be open to the fastest cars from the entire nation.

The reason why this is such good news is the fact that unlike the No Prep Racing championship which is strictly held at the drag strip, now we are going to see the fastest cars on the streets.

This does not necessary mean that they will be projecting pretty much the same results from the last year’s championship, instead it means that the equalizing factor of the street, and by that we mean the low levels of grip, will provide a fighting chance for the smaller teams with a great street setup.

This might bring us some new guys to the top, but that means that somebody is not going to be able to keep their top spot on the former list.

The details about how all of this is going to play out are still sketchy but with the huge experience that these guys have on the street we are pretty sure it’s going to be a wild ride.

 Check out the rest of Sim’s video and tell us in the comment section who’s your favorite in this brand new list, Kye Kelley, Big Chief, Ryan Martin or maybe even somebody from JJ’s crew, who knows.

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