The Dangerous Fate of Street Outlaws!!!

This is The Dangerous Fate of Street Outlaws!!!

As we all know, nearly the entire spring all we did was wait and speculate when the No Prep Kings Championship will be back online and when will we finally get to see the guys race.

Next, the summer came and we also did pretty much the same thing, we sat back and hoped that the Covid 19 virus will get weaker and we will finally get to watch the championship.

Now that the summer is gone, hopes of being able to watch the new season of No Prep Kings are starting to go down with every week and it would not be too farfetched to say that we are not going to have a season this year.

Believe us, it hurts us to even say it but the facts are here and there seems to be no way around it and we have to face the truth, we are probably not going to be able to see them race.

Some of them have been joining events left and right and ended up racing each other but that way less than what we were hoping to see.

We can understand the frustration of the drivers as well, since they all did their job and got the cars ready for this season, then they tested vigorously to be ready for whenever the championship started and in a way it was all for nothing it would appear.

Fact is that many of them were racing different events before the whole NPK Championship deal started and many have gone back to that, however many of them ended up sitting this one out.

In other topics, Sim touches a very dangerous one by asking have they gotten too fast?

Are the No Prep cars getting too fast, is a very complexed question and we would like to hear your thoughts about it, so give us your opinion in the comment section.

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